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Our daughter started pitching with Coach Perlotto 3 years ago as a 12 year old.  She thrived under the structure and routine that Coach Perlotto requires of his pitchers.  The improvement in her mechanics after her very first lesson was remarkable.  The greatest change, however, was the growing passion she expressed to be the best pitcher she could be.  Coach Perlotto motivated her in a way that worked for her.  He expected a lot and she tried very hard to meet his expectations.  She went from an honor roll student getting As and Bs to a high honor student with straight As, knowing that coach stresses the importance of being a scholar athlete, not just an athlete. Hannah's confidence cotinued to grow and she saw more and more success on the mound, and in the game.  Having just started her high school season, she set high, yet, realistic goals which she strives to meet every day.  That desire was grown out of what Coach Perlotto offered her as a young pitcher.  Our gratitude as parents for Coach Perlotto's guidance, instruction and encouragement, is immeasureable.  Our daughter has grown as a person, a student and an athlete as a result of her time at Fast Pitch Dynamics and we are grateful every year when she in given the opportunity to return to Fastpitch Dynamics.

Jennifer & Bruce Davis



Years ago, when our daughter Jen said that she wanted to be a softball pitcher, we asked about pitching coaches in the area.  We were told of a pitching coach in Granby, our hometown. Luckily, Coach Perlotto agreed to work with Jen.   Years later, we realized how fortunate Jen was to be accepted into The FDS program.  We have seen the caliber of pitchers who have come from near and far to Coach Perlotto.  These pitchers have inspired and encouraged Jen to strive to become stronger and better, each inning, every season.

Since she was 9 years old, Coach Perlotto and Jen developed a unique and special coach/athlete relationship that has formed and strengthened Jen’s love for pitching.  Coach Perlotto carefully and methodically introduced new pitches and skills to Jen throughout the years to mold her into the pitcher she is today, a student athlete looking to pitch at the collegiate level.   More importantly, Jen learned the sometimes difficult life lessons of determination, hardship, discipline and intensity that are necessary to succeed.  These intangible lessons have and will continue to help Jen on and off the softball field.  Thank you, Coach Perlotto.

John & Deb Szilagyi


George Perlotto only wants to train those who demand excellence of themselves.  If your daughter does not have this desire, do not try to gain admission to George’s program.  If that drive is present, there are no limits to the success young ladies can derive from George’s instruction.  In my daughter Amaria’s case, George was physically handicapped.  She is of average height and weight – not usually a framework for fastpitch greatness.  However, George has squeezed every last mph and rotation out of her to help make her a successful high school and travel ball pitcher as a high school freshman.  He based both short and long term goals on her physical potential and then helped nurture her mindset and drive to reach those goals.  He was relentless in demanding complete commitment to the overall training program and accepted nothing less than strict compliance with the off site portion of the training.  The results of this approach speak clearly for themselves at fields across the country.  George’s students enter the circle with the training, skills and confidence necessary to frustrate and, in most cases, dominate the best of high school and college hitters.  Thank you George for your commitment to this game and to our daughters!  John Sharon
John Sharon
SVP, Director of Aviation

Megan has been pitching since she was 9 years old, and has previously worked with 2 separate pitching instructors.  Both were good for her core development and provided the fundamental base.  We felt in order to continue Megan’s development to pitch for her national level travel team and at the colligate level, taking the step was necessary.  We were very fortunate to meet George at a few showcase events, and started working with him in January of 2013.  The improvement in Megan’s development were beyond expectations.  Every aspect of her pitching improved.   Increased velocity on her fastball.   Increased speed and spin of the screw and drop.  Complete development of the curve and rise.  Improved technique on the change.   And just as importantly, the mental aspect of her game has grown as well.  More confidence in the pitches she throws, better understanding of how to make the necessary in-game adjustments on her own, and better fundamental understanding of how to approach batters.   The ability to measure spin rate and velocity of every pitch, and utilize video analysis to perfect mechanics has been a tremendous asset.   
In addition to George’s work with Megan on her pitching mechanics, his strong relationships with colligate coaches, help with the recruiting video and willingness to advocate on her behalf to coaches interested in her was instrumental in her overall college recruitment process.   Without George’s assistance, it’s hard to imagine how the whole process would have went.  
We are extremely fortunate to continue to have George as Megan’s pitching instructor as she continues to prepares to play for Merrimack College starting in the fall of 2014.
Steve Cook 

Thanks due largely in part to the dedication and commitment of George Perlotto, our daughter will be fulfilling her dream of playing softball at a Division 1 college.

We were referred to George for pitching lessons when our daughter, Jillian, was 11 years old and first started playing tournament softball. From the very beginning, we were impressed with George’s professionalism and straight forward approach.  His commitment and dedication to his students is second to none.  We have been approached by many parents of other pitchers who are amazed that George spends many weekends watching, supporting, and promoting his students at their various tournaments all over the east coast. We can personally attest to this as George and his wife, Mary, rearranged their vacation plans to attend a tournament in Atlanta, Georgia that our daughter was invited to play in.  

Over the years George has developed a great rapport with many college coaches and this proved instrumental in getting our daughter noticed by many college programs. His knowledge about softball and the entire college recruiting process has proven invaluable to us. His advice and direction have always been right on the money. Without hesitation, we highly recommend George to anyone looking for a truly top notch pitching coach.

Paul & Sue Stockley

Without doubt, the two most important parts of my daughter’s Emma's association with FastPitch Dynamics are that first, FPD has introduced her to the science of pitching.  Spin rates, torque, arm angles, variable grip.  All the little things that make good pitchers into great ones.  Before starting with George, she threw very well.  Now she pitches, with all the power, knowledge and confidence that comes from understanding the pure science of the game.  It has been a very powerful thing to watch.  Secondly, the confidence my daughter has gained in the circle under George’s tutelage has mirrored itself in exact proportion in the confidence she has gained in the classroom, in the community and in her personal interactions with peers and adults alike.  While her ability to throw a softball unquestionably played a role in the great college opportunity she has earned, equally as important has been her grace and poise both on and off the field.  George nurtures both, and people notice.  
Peter Gailey

George Perlotto has a keen sense for identifying potential in an athlete.  My daughter, Neve, was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to catch George's attention.  That happened to be at a little league game about 6 years ago.  George saw Neve pitch a few innings and sent word through her coach that he was interested in talking to her about developing her pitching skills further.  At the time Neve was not taking pitching lessons.
It was almost a year before we got back to him. Little did we know how significant and far reaching our decision to do so would be.
Fast forward to the present.  Neve just finished her senior year of high school on the mound for a team that went 23-2, ending as runner-up in the class M state championship game.     More importantly, Neve has been accepted into the college of her choice and will be pitching for the school team.  It's still a little hard to believe.
There are quite a few people who have contributed to Neve's success thus far, but both Neve and I are quick to credit George’s significant role.  Here are some of his many contributions:
·         He believed in Neve’s potential and helped Neve learn to believe in herself
·         He taught Neve the pitching technique and skills needed to succeed
·         He fostered a commitment and work ethic required to pitch at a high level
·         He focused on the mental part of the game - how to maintain composure and how to be a winner
·         He produced a top-quality skills video
·         He contacted all the colleges for Neve and acted as Neve's #1 advocate throughout the recruiting process.
·         He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help secure Neve a place on the team of her top choice
George is exceptionally well connected and knows a huge number of softball coaches throughout the country.  And these are not just college coaches but travel ball coaches as well.  The latter turned out to be quite important for Neve as she needed to increase her exposure during the recruiting process.  George called around and found teams willing to take Neve as a guest pitcher at various college showcases.  These guest pitching opportunities turned out to be critical to Neve’s success.
If you're willing to make the commitment and put in the time to be a top-notch pitcher, George will match your effort. He will go the extra mile, and beyond.  One example of this was last summer when Neve was scheduled to pitch at an individual college showcase a few hours from home.  She was worried that the pre-showcase warm ups on site would be insufficient to really get ready. So, George offered to open his studio to us at 7:00 am that morning just so that Neve could come in and throw for 45 minutes before jumping in the car.  It made a huge difference, both physically and mentally.
Neve and I cannot say enough good things about George and his program.  He made an exceptionally valuable contribution to our lives during these last 5 years and many of his lessons will last a lifetime.  Not to mention the memories.

Bob Stearns

Dear Coach Perlotto

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you do for our daughter Rhydian. Mark Twain once said " The largest room in the world is the room for improvement", and it is to that end you have guided our daughter. Yes you have helped Rhydian develop new pitches and vastly improved her spin rates, however your help in understanding the mental aspects of being a pitcher is priceless. Thinking about What to throw, When to throw it and Where. Always being respectful and humble. You have transformed Rhydian from a" Thrower" to a "Pitcher". As her softball road rises to meet her....Rhydian can feel confident in knowing, she has learned from one of the BEST.

Thank you
Gerald & Nell Glass


Our daughter Ashley loved pitching from the first day she took her first lesson. We already had a reputable pitching coach for her in Connecticut and it was a difficult decision to move her. We were always hearing great things about George and we decided to take her for an evaluation. The decision was the best move we ever made.
Under George’s instruction, Ashley has soared to new heights with her pitching. Everything has improved far beyond what we ever expected – her velocity, location and most importantly her confidence. George is always extremely positive and encouraging and has developed a great rapport with our daughter. We love George and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Ashley.
If you are looking to take your daughter to the next level George is the pitching coach that will take her there.

John and Carolyn Antonazzo

Our daughter made a difficult decision to leave a coach she was happy with to train under George at Fastpitch Dynamics.  Since she made the move about 9 months ago, she has made significant progress.  Her speed is up, her pitches have improved technically, and her mechanics continue to improve.  While working with many students, George still manages to take a personal interest in each individual, paying attention to not only their pitching, but also their schoolwork and other aspects of life that can impact the girls.  George also takes the time to attend high school games throughout the state when his students are pitching, and that means a lot to not only our daughter, but to us parents as well.  George has always made time for our daughter – when she feels she needs an in-season tune-up, he manages to squeeze her into his schedule to address her particular concern. 
In addition to the training George provides, he has been invaluable to us as parents as we prepare for the college experience.  From being available to answer general questions, to helping us select the best showcase camps to attend or reaching out to college coaches that have shown interest in our daughter, the value-added benefits of training at Fastpitch Dynamics are significant.  The time George takes in aspects of our daughter’s life beyond just pitching lessons makes him more than just a coach, but also an advocate for her interests.  We have been happy with our experience with Fastpitch Dynamics and our daughter has been happy with the result of her “difficult” decision.
Rick & Pam Oliva


Our daughter expressed interest in pitching when she was 10 years old. After it became clear that she was motivated to improve, we sought out an instructor and were lucky enough to find Coach Perlotto. Our daughter will soon be 14 and has thrived under George's instruction and guidance. She still enjoys and looks forward to her weekly lessons.  As a pitcher, she has improved beyond our expectations. George is an excellent instructor who is dedicated to his students and truly cares about them as people. 

Steve and Michele Pallotti

"My two daughters, Kelsey and Whitney Tuthill are both students of Fastpitch Dynamics. George Perlotto was recommended to us when we were looking for an instructor who could help advance them beyond where they were.

With George, we definitely accomplished that and a lot more. Not only did George teach Kelsey and Whitney advanced pitching techniques, he did everything in his power to prepare, not only Kelsey and Whitney, but our whole family about what it takes to play at the college level. I’m not sure that we all believed what he was telling us in the beginning, but now that both kids are playing in college, there’s no doubt that his advice was timely and relevant.
Another thing that George does for all of his students is that he takes on the whole student, including the whole family. This means that it’s not just about pitching lessons. He cares deeply about each student and their families. He goes to high school games to watch. Through the years he has developed a large list of college coaches with whom he keeps in touch. As his students get to the point where they are ready to start looking at colleges where they might want to play, he makes those contacts, and does everything in his power to get his students seen by the schools they might be interested in.
In our case Kelsey was convinced that she wanted to go to school as far away from home as possible, so she didn’t look at nearby schools that were interested in her. In addition, she had chosen a major that was not offered at a lot of schools. During this process, George made a connection with the coach at Division III Emerson College, which had her major. Also during this time she applied to Division III The University of Redlands in California. She made up her mind that she wanted to go there, but the coach couldn’t promise her a spot on her team because she hadn’t seen Kelsey play. The coach at Emerson had seen her, and made it clear that he wanted her to play for him. Three days before the deadline to commit to a school, Kelsey decided that playing was very important to her, so she chose Emerson. In 2009 Emerson won the GNAC conference. Kelsey’s pitching record was 21-7, with a 1.26 ERA, and a .333 batting average. Kelsey was Conference Pitcher of the Year; Conference Rookie of the Year; GNAC Tournament MVP; Emerson College Spring Sports MVP, and three-time GNAC Pitcher of the Week. Without George, Phil McElroy not have ever heard about Kelsey, and none of these things might have happened.
Whitney recently was having trouble throwing her screwball with as much velocity as she would like. George suggested she take her follow-through step at a 45 degree angle, instead of a 90 degree angle. This immediately generated three more miles per hour on this pitch. After that lesson, when we got in the car, Whitney looked at me and said “That man’s a genius!”
Whitney, by the way, wasn’t sure she wanted to play in college, so she made sure that she got into the academic school that she wanted. Once she did that, she then tried to walk onto her school’s softball team. She’s now a freshman member of the Division I Boston University Softball Team, and may have a pretty good chance to pitch as a freshman."
Thank you, George.                                                         
Mike Tuthill

"George teaches that anything is possible when you visualize your goals and work tirelessly towards them.  He applies this philosophy to softball while using tools that provide instant feedback and assist pitchers master the techniques required to pitch at the college level.  The training studio allows George to work with his students one-on-one in a teaching environment and he uses many tools to help the student learn the “feel” of the pitches required at each level.  I would highly recommend George Perlotto to any softball pitcher motivated to improve their game and learn the Fastpitch Dynamics that make a softball move."

Dave Fournier

"George has a unique gift for teaching the art of fastpitch softball.  I have seen him take many aspiring pitching students and transform them from a beginner into a college-bound softball pitcher.  His knowledge, guidance, and expertise will became apparent from the moment I stepped foot into his pitching studio.  Not only does you have first-hand pitching experience, he also has high-tech video equipment and the proper training tools needed to develop his students' talent to their highest capacity. George's regular email communications and text messages to his students, parents, and colleagues make it obvious that he puts a lot of hard work into his program. It's very encouraging to know he is just an email away.  Players considering becoming a Fastpitch Dynamic student can feel confident that they will become another success story. If you want to learn the correct way to pitch, gain speed, accuracy and a repertoire of effective pitches, working with George is a great decision. I can't say enough about his program and would recommend it to anyone looking to become a top notch pitcher.  
Beth Haas

George has been nothing but a positive influence on my daughter Alex since becoming a student in fall of 2007. With his experience & knowledge he has given my daughter the tools to obtain her goal of pitching in college. Alex looks forward to every lesson because of his methods that instill confidence. I would recommend him highly. 
Nick D'aloisio 


As a little young 9 year old with no pitching experience, Sofie enjoyed every bit of your teachings.  It amazed me to see her start to finish and the progress made in such a young gal.....we are looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Melanie Olivieri


"We started bringing our daughter to Fastpitch Dynamics for lessons just a few months ago and we are impressed with Coach Perlotto's passion for softball and his approach to teaching pitching. He genuinely loves what he does and his pitching studio is a terrific learning environment. We are just thrilled with our daughters progress to date."

Jackie Duncan